How To Supplement Corporate Awards Ceremonies: The New Williams Recognition Psychic Reward Versus The New Awardbox Online Recognition System From Full Circle Motivation

In an announcement, the Canadian provider Williams Recognition advocates the use of an intriguing new supplement to corporate awards ceremonies: psychic, or intrinsic, rewards. “But can this work, asks Victor Tardieu of Full Circle Motivation, without creative communication and accurate measuring and monitoring?”

This emerging trend has nothing to do with clairvoyants. It’s rooted in a new phenomenon: In the 21st century, employees are required to practise a good deal of self-management. They must utilise their experience as intelligently as possible and deploy it in action to accomplish vital corporate goals.

In reality, this frequently boils down to exercising careful judgment – today’s employees need to make important decisions that will impact on the eventual outcome, for better or for worse. And it’s this judgement that often determines an employee’s contribution to an organisation.

This is where intrinsic rewards play a key role. They’re not alternatives to team events, such as corporate awards ceremonies, but they can augment them and pave the way for employees to win them. Essentially, they regularly acknowledge an employee’s competence in fulfilling his or her goals and actively foster that workers’ personal sense of adroitness and capability.

Intrinsic rewards not only provide recognition of the importance of a team member’s aimed-for goals and imbue them with meaning and value but they also show that employee when decisions and actions have met or exceeded set corporate standards.

The art is to set a challenge that doesn’t unduly overstretch the employee but which grants the freedom (and resources) needed to meet it. Then, a subtle but public acknowledgement: Receiving an email or small gift with a card reading simply “You are a prime example of quality products and fantastic customer service” can go a long way to helping employees cultivate pride in their competence.

Tardieu adds: “Full Circle Motivation already has an intrinsic and motivational online system- a fun system for recognising: peer-to-peer, long service, anniversary and for reinforcing the company’s vision and values. It can also be used for performance improvement such as: productivity, attendance, suggestions, in fact any measurable behaviour or activity.”

“Furthermore, our recognition process ensures that all awards are highly personalised and: support single, or multiple award generation from a spreadsheet; integrates with all social media; provides for bespoke electronic awards to be printable; and can embrace all web based multimedia facets such as animation, audio, video, virtual reality and interactive media.”