Introducing The Latest Pop-up Video-Mapping Installation For Engaging Conference Participants – Listening Just Isn’t Enough, Claims Full Circle Director Victor Tardieu

Full Circle Motivation passionately believes that conferences are no longer simply about informing attendees; they’re about actively engaging them, too – which is why they have taken a keen interest in Projection Advertising’s AdCubes, a new and emerging conference technology.

AdCubes relies on a series of cubes and a single projector, from which it creates a vivid audio-reactive backdrop (where shape and colours shift and change in response to different sounds). With its enchanting capacity to blend different sequences of shapes, lights and colours, it functions as an effective mood shaper, and, with its real-time 3D photo frame, it permits pictures of the event to be uploaded. This very affordable technology can be used for events large and small, and it doesn’t require the hours of studio time that video mapping usually soaks up.

With this new pop-up video-mapping installation, delegate engagement becomes very different and exciting. Communication ceases to be one way but highly interactive and dynamic incorporating live feeds and animation. The visual effect is of a 3D nature with different surfaces displaying different elements of the same speaker support slide.

The above is just a part of the cornucopia of products available to the organiser through Full Circle Motivation but how do businesses really take this engagement and conference learning back into the workplace? According to Tardieu of Full Circle Motivation; “we take time to ensure that conference delegates retain the learnings and practice that we have been preaching once they get back to work after the meeting – in addition to cutting edge conference communication tools”.

Tardieu comments on Full Circle specific, in-house techniques, such as:

  • The Pledge – 3 actions to be taken by the delegate back in the workplace
  • Memory stacking – a workshop teaching techniques that make important conference messages stand out
  • Ensuring the team experience the complete cycle of ideas, consensus and decision making
  • Transferring learning from the conference setting to the workplace via Action Learning / the Pledge.

As much as Full Circle takes these things seriously, they understand that learning is more palatable when combined with an element of fun – this is how they turn passive audiences into participating individuals. The bottom line however is always very serious – it’s all about ROI and ensuring that what gets measured, monitored and mirrored back to participants, gets done.