New To Full Circle Motivation – A Live (Or Recorded) Video Streaming System

Full Circle’s new infrastructure ensures live (or recorded) video streaming and audio in real time to any location in the world, and to mobile devices. Video and audio is able to be integrated with presentation materials, such as PowerPoint, real-time 3D graphics or a Q&A facility.

Streaming (not just video streaming) is multimedia that is constantly received by and presented to an end-user while being delivered by a provider. The term refers to the delivery method rather than the medium itself.

For video streaming, Full Circle Motivation can create in various file formats, for example:

  • Windows Media
  • QuickTime
  • MPEG (in particular MPEG-4)
  • Adobe Flashand the video or audio file is sent to the viewer in a more or less constant stream, which the viewer watches as it arrives.The Full Circle video streaming infrastructure provides high quality streaming and download solutions, which are resilient and come with the promise of guaranteed delivery. They take the loads that company systems are not designed to carry and manage the weight of expectation for the client. The worldwide content delivery network solution uses partner systems across the globe so that wherever the viewer or audience is located, content will be delivered at the highest levels of performance, and in real time.Video can also be streamed live to mobile devices with a range of services that cover all the current smart phones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) as well as OS platforms for tablets (iPad & Windows e.g. Samsung Galaxy).For on demand streaming, Full Circle can:
  • support all major industry formats for encoding
  • provide their production services and delivery access to their content networks (if clients already have encoded content for webcasts)
  • provide a presentation system which can be used for both live events and on demand streaming.

The live presentation system is particularly powerful for training, enabling clients to integrate video and audio with presentation materials, such as PowerPoint and real-time 3D graphics. So much more than video streaming, this system also features a Question & Answer facility for use by either remote attendees or subscribers to the event. Plus their administration system will log all viewer registrations and details for post event follow-up. They are also able to support live event with hardware and technical crew on-site, to handle live encoding.

Tracking is made easy too through statistics and audit packages and bolt on tagging features enable video to be tagged and accessed instantly according to tag descriptions.

Full Circle Motivation puts ideas, words and pictures together to speak volumes about a client’s business. Their easy Video streaming system is the latest in a long line of tools offered to streamline communications, create visual impact and reinforce learning.

They offer custom streaming solutions, tailor-made to the marketing need. This coupled with best in class support, guaranteed delivery (due to their sophisticated automatic ‘fall over’ systems), and dedicated account management and you have the Full Circle Motivation streaming option.