Full Circle Motivation Showcases its New Online Recognition and Reward System

Our direct recognition system is the fast, effective and fun way to recognise and reward outstanding employee performance (and increase employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention). It is simple to use, low cost and enhances communities with its exciting recognition presentation.

Its the customisable system which: increases employee satisfaction, loyalty and retention; stimulates key behaviours which align with the company’s vision and values through imitation and repetition; recognises and rewards outstanding employee performance; can recognise the supply chain for their part in the process.

So what is this system?

It’s the fun system for Recognition: peer-to-peer, long service, anniversary and for reinforcing the company’s vision and values. It can also be used for performance improvement such as: attendance, suggestions, productivity, in fact any measurable behaviour or activity.

The Full Circle recognition process is quick and easy to implement.

Furthermore, a person’s Recognition score can be used as a quality multiplier of their quantity performance, reinforcing the value of being recognised for quality actions.

Our recognition benefits

We provide emotive and exciting recognition presentations and a unique platform for individuals to show off their achievements 24/7 globally. The system is low cost, builds or enhances communities, and provides anniversary reminders to prompt the recipient to relive the good event.

Marketing messages can be delivered to the heart of someone else’s circle of influence, via social media – thereby reaching new eyes and ears (viral growth). Our system empowers individuals in an organisation to recognise each other simply and quickly and can provide marketing profile information for management, through viral analytics

Full Circle’s key recognition features

  • All awards are highly personalised
  • Provides for the creation of a single award or multiple awards
  • Supports multiple award generation from a spreadsheet
  • Supports personal media such as photos and video
  • Integrates with all social media
  • Can deliver on all web platforms and mobile devices including i-devices (bespoke awards only)
  • Bespoke electronic awards are printable
  • Can embrace all web based multimedia facets such as animation, audio, video, virtual reality and interactive media
  • Supports web analytical data (traffic through each award)
  • Can provide award anniversary reminders
  • Supports various social media plug-ins such as chat threads, voting mechanisms etc.
  • Supports tiered access levels for management of award catalogues
  • Provides reporting data for award-giving activity
  • Uses standard web technologies and platforms

Full Circle Motivation recognises the importance of recognition in the workplace and sees our technology as a dynamic system in welding teams and improving quality actions. It practices what it preaches and uses its systems to motivate its own staff.