New From Full Circle Motivation – Video Graphic Sales Messages, In The Hands Of The Shopper, At The Point Of Purchase

With any smartphone and Full Circle Motivation: any retailer can deliver video graphic sales messages to individual shoppers at the point of purchase; and any shopper can learn about the properties of a particular wine and the accompanying food for example, simply by passing the phone over the bottle label.

Full Circle Motivation is taking the best of the ‘highest-tech’ (combining military grade facial and image recognition algorithms) with traditional video graphic sales messages to produce a system that allows the accessible and therefore affordable use of Augmented Reality (AR) in routine commercial applications – right at the point of purchase.

This technology engages viewers across all ages and demographics. Its inherent WOW-Factor appeals to those who are not familiar with this sort of technology (i.e. instant and clear delivery of focussed information) and to those who are highly technical and appreciate being in control of a purchasing decision.

How does it work?

Point a smartphone at something and when it recognises it (for example a wine label or a business card) it will play a video, launch a webpage or any of a wide range of other actions that can be linked to that ‘trigger image’. It will even take the user directly to an online page where they can buy the product they have seen.

Through video graphics, sales messages can be delivered to a user quickly and easily without any need for staff to be ‘on the ground’. Furthermore, it can present a sales proposition when a person has no other prop other than his smartphone.

Why use it?

The system can enhance users’ experience of the everyday world (and direct them to purchase) by delivering product specific knowledge to the purchaser at the point of sale.
Furthermore, retailers can gain competitive advantage by putting their customers in the driving seat (as far as product knowledge is concerned) and reducing their on-floor sales presence into the bargain.

Where to get it

Full Circle Motivation introduces this Augmented Reality technology, particularly to the retail sector. Furthermore, Full Circle Motivation puts ideas, words and pictures together to speak volumes about clients’ business – specifically through; dynamic conference production, motivational events, incentives, video production and strategic marketing.