News From Roffey Park Suggests That Bosses Should Not Ignore Incentives For Managers – “But Only For Increased Performance” Adds Victor Tardieu, Full Circle Motivation

Research by Roffey Park, reported in People Management, has shown that bonuses and pay rises do not feature heavily in lists of incentives received by managers – in fact, the figures are 5 per cent and 9 per cent, respectively. Amid this, many managers are under pressure from their bosses to take on more responsibility (in over 60 per cent of cases, increased responsibility was sold to them as an incentive in itself) and 41 per cent said they had been given ‘stretch assignments’. Victor Tardieu at Incentives agency Full Circle Motivation, comments: “Whilst managers are busy taking on more responsibility, they are finding it difficult even to implement basic management skills. Incentives, based on performance, is money well spent”.

It is clearly important, if businesses are to run effectively, that managers can direct their teams properly to maximise productivity. It is also desirable that managers should view increased responsibility as a positive aspect of their career development. However, bosses should not ignore other incentives.

Offering travel incentives to stretched managers is one way in which bosses can add something special to their managers’ careers, and demonstrate that they value their input. Such incentives enrich them with an experience that they are not likely to forget, and the enthusiasm generated will spill over in to their working lives so that they can tackle their important tasks with vigour.

Incentive agency Full Circle Motivation offers incentive travel schemes tailored to any requirement, including short breaks and longer trips. These programmes can also yield a return on investment of over 4:1. Whether they are driving super jeeps in Iceland or enjoying a cruise in Bermuda, stressed managers will have the opportunity to reflect on their career and think about how they can adapt so that they can benefit themselves and their organisations.

Full Circle motivation has on-the-ground knowledge of over 84 destinations worldwide and they have taken groups to the most beautiful and aspirational of these. They know what’s hot and what’s not and know what to do when they get there. Their incentive tools have been used to change behaviour in order to improve: profit, cash flow, employee and customer engagement. And that means particularly good value for money.