Full Circle Comments On Communication, Staff Empowerment & Niall DeLacy’s Latest Statement “Get It Wrong And You Create A Climate Of Confusion, Uncertainty And Apathy”

“Communications empowers your people and fuels your organisation” according to a recent HuffPost Business article by Niall DeLacy, HR Director at Procter and Gamble. “Get it wrong and you create a climate of confusion, uncertainty and apathy. Get it right and you enjoy the benefits of a passionate, dedicated and driven workforce”. DeLacy asserts that businesses that pay attention to employees’ well-being and engagement have staff members who are more productive. Echoing these sentiments Victor Tardieu of Full Circle Motivation adds: “The outcome is not just about staff empowerment but contributions to the bottom line”.

Through staff empowerment, bosses need to ensure that the people who work for their business feel included and valued. The workforce need to be aware of the role it plays in driving things forward, and to perform effectively, it needs to be engaged and inspired.

In today’s business world, electronic communication prevails. It is quick and easy and can help businesses to grow. However, a reliance on this type of communication at the expense of face-to-face networking should be addressed to ensure that interpersonal skills flourish for the benefit of business.

A Personnel Today article quotes one director of human resources who believes that, despite the obvious benefits of electronic media, networking in person – as well as online – is important. Another director believes that online relationships can lead to the opportunity to meet someone in person, which is where the relationship is cemented.

Managers and staff can interact to achieve these aims in many ways. Face-to-face meetings play a part, as does the development of effective team dynamics. Whatever the level, communication has to be interactive rather than a one-way flow from employer to employee.

Full Circle Motivation Director Victor Tardieu, comments that it’s not just the taking part it’s the learning that counts. Full Circle engages and satisfies staff compliment through training, experiential learning, and team building (both active and cerebral). These need not be stand-alone activities but can seamlessly be dovetailed into a conference, meetings, training day or workshop to enhance learning and embed corporate values back into the workplace.