Introducing the use of 3D projection to bring conferences to life in 2013

Full Circle Motivation, the provider of dynamic conference production and management, has found that 3D speaker support slides and projection bring conferences to life, engages attendees and increases message retention. For this reason, they will be promoting the use of 3D production and projection for 2013 conferences.

Successful conferences start with good content and production and embed the tools to engage attendees. However, by using sophisticated 3D modelling software, content is manipulated to work in a 3D environment, turning passive audiences into participating individuals. Sound, of course, is an equally dynamic tool which can multiply the impact of the projection.

Here’s how this engaging tool works:

In 3D projection, each eye receives a different image which together makes the brain think it is seeing the projection in 3D. Two separate images are projected through polarisation filters. One eye is shown vertical polarised images and the other horizontal when viewed through polarisation glasses.

3D projection can increase engagement and excitement through:

  • making important information ‘jump out’ of the screen
  • creating a feature within a presentation
  • livening up a presentation
  • better demonstrating graphics and technical drawings

The days of PowerPoint are far from over, as this medium will always command a place in the conference and meeting environment. 3D is just the next step up on the message delivery ladder.

However, beware, this impactful system isn’t cheap and will require discipline – slide changes cannot be accommodated on the morning of the conference.

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