New From Full Circle Motivation – A 3D Motion and Voice Capture System to Help Clients Better Deliver Business Messages at Conferences

3D motion and voice capture is the process of recording the natural movement of objects or people. Linked to an off-screen person in a 3D motion and voice capture body suit, interacting live with the audience has never been more fun and Full Circle Motivation are promoting the use of 3D motion and voice capture to their clients in 2013 for use in enhancing and improving their business message in their events.

The full wireless 3D motion and voice capture system provides full body, head and hand movement. In conferences and other live events, it can bring the function to life with a real-time, on-screen, realistic or animated character linked to an off-screen person in a 3D motion and voice capture body suit.

The person wearing the 3D motion and voice capture body suit interact with the audience as:

  • Presenter / host
  • Quiz Master
  • People’s Champion, asking the speaker live questions on behalf of the audience (particularly as the person in the body suit is able to see and talk directly with individuals).

Already in widespread use by the military and many other spheres, our adapted WiFi system is a highly cost effective tool which can be used for:

  • training workshops
  • teaching and educating
  • conferences and events
  • exhibitions
  • product launches

Everything Full Circle Motivation does is from the perspective of motives; that is, what induces an individual or team to act in a particular way. And through communication (including live events) and measurement tools, Full Circle Motivation focuses on imparting knowledge to and performance improvement of employees, channels and vendors.